e-start questions

I am thinking about starting a WR400 electric-starter project, but I have a question. What is the common ratio between starter motor RPM and engine RPM? In other words, how many revolutions does a starter motor make during 1 engine revolution, in general?

I have access to the resources needed for this job, I just need some basic information first. Has anyone else tried/heard of a project such as this?

Roger Little

'99 WR400

I heard Mitch from Oz was contemplating an electric start attempt. But, he's away on business. Hopefully, he'll be back soon and share his results with us all.


I thought that was an April fools joke that Mitch posted ?


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You need to pull the starter clutch cover off a bike and count the teeth on the starter drive gear (usually about 10-12) and the starter one way clutch gear (about 50 or so).


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