Flywheel weight ?

For singletrack riding has anyone felt the need to add a flywheel weight to the 07' 450's or are they decent without one?

It helped a lot on my 06. Get the Yamaha off-road flywheel. Cost about $100 plus you will need a puller.

The puller, BTW, is the same as for a CRF450, in case you can't find a listing for the new YZF.

I run the heavy GYTR flywheel on my 07' YZ. It makes a big difference for sure, and recommend it. Most of the stuff we ride in AZ is tight rocky single track.

Thanks for the feedback. Hutch4x, what areas do you ride in az?

I live in east Mesa so most of our time is spent at Sycamore. What about you?

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