Fuel Screw Question

Does the fuel screw affect from no throttle to 1/2 opening?

I am getting some popping after letting off the throttle in race situations, will the fuel screw allow me to richen it up and get rid of the lean / popping, and by the way 2000 wr400 all stock, except lid off, baffle out, and stop ground down. And I checked all the connections between head, head pipe, and muffler, no leaks.

And yes its true I am still alive, I've been lurking and riding my new KTM Adventure R.

Thanks in advance

P.S. you can join the Blue Ribbon Coalition on line, I just did. Have you, protect your right to ride.

what a sweet name for your home town :)

no, your PS won't help you that high. aren't you being a tinnie, tinnie bit lazy not to have tried it yourself first?

back popping isn't a sign of leanness-it's just annoying. you should "re-octopuss" if you want to get rid of it, or lift the needle.


I am scared of the carb. We had a talk and we decided not to mess with each other.

I thought the only thing that will help me when I get that high is a burrito from quickie mart.

Re-octopus, crap I have got 1 puss on my hands now, I cant imagine the work load having 8 of them, that would require superhuman effort.

All jokes aside, I will see if I can conquer my fear of the carb and make it do what I want. Thankfully this website has people who know what they are doing. Thanks in advance.

Pie Man!!!

Long time, no hear!

What is going on in OR?

The 00 WR400 doesn't have to be de-octopussed. It came with the same carb at the YZ426. As Taffy said, try adjusting it. 1/8 to 1/4 turn will be noticable for a stock setup. If you have removed the airbox cover this may be all it needs.


Lately I've had to adjust my fuel screw every time I ride. It's been cool in the AM and warming up in the afternoon. Just get in there and start messing with it! Soon enough you'll figure out how much is too rich (it just coughs a little right off idle) and you already know when you are a little lean (popping and/or hanging idle).

Steve T

[ February 21, 2002: Message edited by: skthom2320 ]

Terry I thought the 00 amd up had that ACV thing which was an internal octopus doodad. There was athread a while back involving blocking off a little diaphragm to 'deoctopus' the 00 models and up. Or did I get my wires crossed ??


I thought the same for ALL WR's, they all have the f-ing octopus(?)

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