Has anybody tried FMF Hiflo or Power bomb headers

I'am looking at the 1V-2-SA muffler but i do not know which header to use, anybody ever tried any of these products.


2000 WR400F

Jury is still out William. I called FMF last week and they said they just released the IV2SA for the YZ but the WR is about 1 or 2 weeks away from release.

I then called Baja to order a White Bros pipe because I've been getting impatient and they TALKED ME OUT OF IT! I love those guys! They said, just wait a few weeks for us to test the FMF SA before you buy any pipe. Then they will tell me which is better for the WR, FMF, Big Gun SDS, White Bros, DSP, or other. Interestingly though, the owner of Baja rides a WR and uses the stock baffle with the Vortip insert and he can have any pipe he wants. Very quiet but chokes low end quite a bit.

We are all dying to find out about the FMF too.


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