Which one should I buy?

First Hi, I'm new to the Forums, my name is George and I'm from Hungary :thumbsup:

I would like to buy a street legal enduro and finally I chose the WR series.

There are two bikes that I think are worth buying just cannot decide wich one:

WR450, 2004 dec, 6400km ~$7000

WR426, 2001, 3000km ~$4500

What are the main differences between the WR450 and the WR426?

The owner of the WR450 said that the previous owner raced with the bike 2x an than sold it for a KTM EXC300. Could it be a problem that the bike was raced from 0km?

How much is stronger this bike than a DRZ?

edit: found an interesting thread about WR vs DRZ: http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=359537

they both sound a bit xpensive, and they are both very similar bikes, I would get the one you can afford, you will be happy with both, however the newer the bike usually the better it is and any quirks have been fixed... (my opinion)

I dont know about the prices in the US or Australia but here a brand new WR450 costs ~$12500 :thumbsup: ('06 model ~$11000) and a DRZ ~$8200.

So there is not much difference between the 2001 WR426 and the 2004 WR450?

Could you tell me some advantages over the DRZ and the CRF? I have heared that the Yamahas are the most reliable and if I want to buy a strong japanese Enduro I dont have much choice (most CRFs are cross bikes not enduro)

ps.: both bike have plates (wich would cost at least another $1300) :thumbsup:

the crf's have a bad wrap for valve problems, and yeah, the yamaha is usually one of, if not the most reliable machines out there.

I would get the '04 WR450F. Not only is the suspension more refined, it comes with auto-decompression which is a *big* plus. You can't swap exhaust cams on the 426 because the tooth pitch is wrong for the '03 450 exhaust cams. (well, you can, but it's hard on the gear and timing chain) :thumbsup:

I break my bikes and cars in hard, but not excessively so, and never have had a problem from doing that. I would have some extra $$ available in case something fails after your purchase (as with any used product).

Best of luck,


I just rode a YZ250F and a YZ250. The 4-stroker is fully ridable but if you dont sit on the tank it will pick up the nose in no time.

The 2 stroker is a complitely different story. F***ing scary!! I accelrated it at a grassy field and when some bumps came into picture it made me give some more gas (unwanted) and the bike went like some spacerocket. Yeeez!

They say the the WR's are more userfriendly, what do you think?

I think I found the answer:

I won't kid you. The WR can be fast enough to scare you. But don't think of it like a 2 stroke. It has a managable power band that an intermediate rider should be able to handle.

Mine has the free mods done and I can still ride it like a grandma if I want to just cruise. That's what I've liked about the bike, and when I want to open it up, it really will, but it's not gonna happen by accident. If you know you're never gonna want to see all the power it has, don't do any of the mods. My buddy just got an '06 and it seemed pretty tame with no adjustments made.

My last question for today: if you dont break in the bike properly can it do any harm? I ask this becouse the WR I'm plannig to buy was raced right out of the box. (2 competitions)

You have good choices. I bought an 06 DRZ last year and traded it for the 07WR. Why? Because I did not like the weight. If the extra 60 pounds do not bother you, the DRZ is a hell of a good bike and very reliable. If you buy a DRZ, get a plated E 2006 and prior. I would consider this only if you ride on the road 20 percent or more. The WR is not as smooth on pavement. But if you spend most of the time off road, want to be plated, light, nimble, and powerful, the WR is a good bike. I love mine. The CRF is also a good bike. I have heard about valve issues, but none of my riding friends complain or have issues. The 04 you reference sounds like a good option, but as u stated it was raced and that may be concerning. Do u know someone that could check it out? The newer the model, normally the better as stated above (except the 07 DRZ!). Good luck! Perhaps u might consider passing onb both bikes and wait for something better.

I rode a DRZ and it was realy good but they say the the WR is a lot better :thumbsup: Thanks guys for your advice I will definitely buy a WR450 now. I will have to sell my old bike first and than I will buy the best second hand WR on the market. :thumbsup:

I think I found the answer:

Hey thanks for quoting me, I just found this, haha! Anyway, it's true and I said that quite a while ago. I still love this WR for these reasons and I've never had a problem with it, but that being said, it's nearly impossible to get it legally plated here in CA and Yamaha is simply not competing in the dual sport market to this level, at least where I live. So, with much regret, I will be selling the WR and putting the money down on a DRZ SM. I know I'll be losing some power, and sacrificing weight, but I don't get out to the desert to ride as much as I'd like and I just got my street license. Being limited on not being able to just go out and buy a bike for the street, I have to make the sacrifice. If anyone knows someone who wants a WR in CA tell them to PM me...:cry:

Why not buy the KTM EXC? It's street legal and still a great dirt bike...SC

Why not buy the KTM EXC? It's street legal and still a great dirt bike...SC

Hey Clark, were you talking to me or the guy who started the thread? I think he might have long since given up checking this one. If you were talking to me, I'd say I've heard that the KTM's are pretty maintenance intensive, and I'm looking for a reliable, relatively low maintenance bike. Aside from the fun factor, I'm looking to save some cash on gas in the process, so I don't want to have to pour a bunch of money into maintenance. I also know they're pretty expensive initially and I really can't afford very much if I want to have other nice things! I'm pretty reserved when I ride unless I hit a section I know and can open it up, so I think the DRZ will do it for me, plus I can dump money into making that faster one day too...thanks for the suggestion, if it WAS for me...:thumbsup:

Yep, I was talking to you. From what I've seen, the KTM's are no more maintenance intensive than a WR. In fact, valve checks and adjustments are a comparative breeze. The only thing I've seen that is a little funky is the dual oil filters. Other than that, they're on a par with our WRs. I'm seriously considering one the next time I'm in the market for a new bike...but that won't be for a LONG time, kids, wife, job, 90+ degree weather...I'm a wuss...SC

Well if that's the case, it don't sound too bad! I haven't had to do anything but change the oil and check the coolant on my WR since I've had it and lube the chain once in a while. It's always started up pretty easy after sitting. Still though, those KTMs are pricey, and the DRZs are not so much, unless you buy from certain shops in the inland valley area, ehem, no naming names...I think I'm pretty secure with the decision to look for a deal on a DRZ SM. Thanks again, and if you know anyone who wants a green sticker '05 WR450 in good shape with all the free mods done and some extras, let 'em know to PM me!

One more thing I just read about the KTMs, gas mileage doesn't seem so great. I was just reading a thread over in their forum and they're talking in the 20s and 30s, DRZ guys say their bikes are getting in the 50s, and still in the 40s with some substantial power mods.

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