sales tax ?

I live in PA, bought a few items from a place that has stores through out USA including PA .

The items I bought are being shipped out of their California warehouse so why am I being charged tax ?

Here is their reply ........

" Good Morning Gary,

Being that we have a store in PA we collect sales tax from that state. We unfortunately are unable to remove the tax from your order.

We apologize for the inconvenience. "

:thumbsup: If they can't remove the tax refund on the order, just send me it to me then.

that doesnt sound right. is this a well known company?

If they have a store located in your state you will be charged tax. The end of the year statements for the company are based upon gross sales for the company not where the item was shipped from. The IRS views it as they are shipping the items to their PA store and you are buying it from there. Kind of a bummer but thats the IRS for you! :thumbsup:

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