Info on closing of our riding parks

Enclosed is the web site for the Mammoth bar Riders association. This has incite as to what is happening to our park and how to get involved. This area is just the start for all of us riders out there. If a case like this won, what happens next.

the page is


Thanks for posting this Mike. I would like to make a request of everyone reading this post:

Please go read the material the Mammoth Bar Riders Assoc has put together. They have done a great job with their presentation. One of the problems OUR SIDE has it that is made up of guys who would rather turn wrenches than mail letters to congressmen.

Please help by getting involved. Everyone of us must join three or four of these activists' groups. Trust me, the $60 or so you will spend is worth much more than that new sticker package!


There is some interesting stuff in this site especially the info in regards to the "other side" There are articles in their by the enviro's that are very interesting and negative. When you go to the site, go to links and look at the "opposition" under Enviromentalists......." Jake is right, if we want to keep riding and turning wrenches we need to all get involved, not just here in California, but across the US.


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