Tire ?'s

Hi -

Getting back into riding after more years off than I'd like to admit. Tested a bunch of bikes and bought the sweetest 99 WR400.

Did have a few questions regarding tire selection and tire pressure to post to this group. I live in a rocky area and do ride some doubletrack shale roads - does anyone have a tire that they recommend or is willing to share a few thoughts regarding tire pressure?

All information is appreciated,


we ride in TX also..i run dunlops 756 on rear and 755 on front...if its gonna be a soft terrain race i run michelin s12 on rear and m12 on front..in rocks run your air pressure up to 15 psi..i run around 12 psi on soft dirt..where in TX are ya from?


No doubt you will get several responses on this that drastically differ.

But my personal preferance is D755 front and D739 rear. Hard combo to beat that works well on *any terrain.

*The D739 is not the best choice to use in soft terrain (sand, loam, etc.) but it hooks up and wears well on everything else.

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The Dunlop D739 A/T on the rear is a nearly indestructible tire. The A/T version of the great D739 has an extra ply or two and is Dunlops tire of choice for Baja. If you are riding in rocks I would run 15 psi to keep from getting pinch flats, but drop down to 10 - 12 for looser or MX riding. I have found this tire to hook up in most every condition with the right pressure.

On the front the D755 seems hard to beat for an all around tire.


Thanks for the quick responses, I am in Austin, TX...lot's of rocks at City Park and a friend's ranch west of town. The bike had some Maxxis HC on it when I bought it and it felt squirmy. A friend has a wr426 with Dunlop D739 on the rear on it and it felt like it hooked up a ton better on the rocks.

Thanks again for the help,


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