Help, anybody with a 2000WR400F please read

Tim is absolutely correct. I thought I was the only one that got forks with out compression adjustments, but then I took out the plug and hey there it was. It's funny how the owners manual helps if you already now the basics of what your doing. Well kind-of. Happy riding!

Angel Boy

Thanks guys i see the little plug.


2000 WR400F

Hi, I'am setting my front shocks, i found on page 3-35 front fork rebound damping force adjustment easy on top of the forks.

But on page 3-36 to adjust my front fork compression damping force adjustment i can not find this any were on my forks i would think they would be at the bottom of the forks, I think I'am going crazy, help!!!

Ho yes i have the WR400FM owners service manual


2000 WR400F

There should be a black rubber plug at the bottom of each fork tube. Carefully pry the plug out, and you will see the adjustment screw.

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