Clark/All Jetting Info F/WR WR Timing

I tried the recommendations from Clark on my 99WR, Airbox lid removed, Tapered head pipe and E-Series silencer (12 discs), WR timing and White Bros A/F. 175MJ, 2.0 turns fuel screw, stock pilot and stock needle at #4 clip position. I also adjusted the accellerator arm and re-set the float level to 10MM which is +1MM from stock.

Bike ran great except a bahh-b-bahh, bahh at WFO. The bike started easier and did not foul a plug all day (something new for me).

I am going to try to richen the MJ to 178. The plug is still reading lean. Hope this helps at WFO.

WARNING: before anyone starts to look at jetting you need to make suere the accellerator pump rod is centered in the pivot arm and your floats are properly adjusted. I think this contributed to some of my plug fouling.

Next will be removing the octopus and then YZ timing....why are we never satisfied?

Thanks for all that made suggestions.

Especially Clark for doing so much testing to be able to post a base line for the above bike configuration.

Bill in NC

Keep us posted on your final results, after which I will have a few more questions.


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