Product review for the new Terry Cable tire irons.


I can't believe I've used those crappy Moose tire irons for so long. No WONDER I've been pinching tubes!

These Terry Cable tire irons have great handles. I didn't even bother using gloves. With my Moose irons, I had to use gloves to prevent my hands from getting gouged.

Plus, the tips have sort of an 's' bend to them. The bend at the tip that bites into the tire is pretty small. So there is almost no chance of pinching the tube. But, it also bends slighly the other way to give you the option of grabbing more bead.

And they seem strong. I've bent cheaper tire irons in the past. I really cranked on these babies and they flex just barely but won't bend.

If you change your own tires, with out a doubt, I now consider these a MUST HAVE! They are only 12 bucks each with is about what I paid for my Moose irons. Did I mention that those are crappy?

My tire went on easier last night than any other I've ever changed. And it was fairly cool in my garage and the rubber was a little chilled (50 degress or so). However, the Terry cable irons aren't the kind you would want to pack on a trip. They are a little bulky for that.



What happened with your concrete breaker?


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Yeah, Bryan - did you even try it?

I feel responsible for you spending $20 for a tool you don't use. :) I still need to change my tires and will post photos and technique instructions when I get around to it. Don't know about you guys, but I will never use irons again if I can avoid it…

When done correctly, that thing works very well.

I did forget to mention that.

It was funny, I figured I would get the tire on a little over half way, then use the pavement breaker to avoid a pinched tube. But, it was so easy to see that I wasn't pinching a tube with these irons, and so easy to crank the last part of the bead, before I knew it the tire was on! Then I looked over at the pavement breaker and thought, damn, I didn't try it. Of course, I wasn't going to start over.

I would like to see some photos of your technique so I can try it next time.


How about some links so I can see them with my own eyes? I just so happen to be in the market for tire irons.

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