XR650R blinker ???

I just bought a CA plated 02 XR650R with a BD kit. Should the turn signals work with the bike not running? I just replaced the battery pack today and the only change i noticed was the horn was way louder. The turn signals are not the one that came on the kit they are much smaller. I was thinking that may be the cause of the problem.

Mine do if the battery is charged up but if it starts to run down the signals are the first thing to stop. I think the flasher takes alot more power to flash than it would to simply light up. Do they work just fine when the bike is running? The last owner may have wired it differently. Is it an issue for a certification or has that already been done. Did you go for a ride and charge up the battery and give it a try? I don't think that different signals would make a difference if they work with the bike running.

Mine only flash if the battery has a good charge on it.

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