Throttle Stop on Canadian WR

I heard that the WR's in Canada may not have the throttle stop. I have a 98 WR that was originally from Canada. Since I am not the most mechanically inclined and before I begin the search does anyone know? I would like to avoid getting into this process if there is not stop. To be honest the bike fly's with or without the stop, or maybe I just don't know any better.


I know the 99 Canadian models do not have the long throttle stop and I would assume that the 98's are the same.

When I got my '99, I had the stop out and ready to cut before I figured out it did not need it. That was before I discovered ThumperTalk. :)

no none of the wrs made for canada have a throttle stop.

Thanks for the info. Saved myself some work.


What about the 2000. Just bought one last week, havent ridden it yet, and have barely had time to admire it.

I don't think anything changed, if its Canadian, no stop.

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