Nice gear bag for cheap!

I just made a visit to the local camping store that's having a huge sale and secured a couple gear bags for only $25! It is even nicer than my Sinisalo. If anyone wants one, I think they have a few left. Let me know, and I'll pick one up and send it to you.


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you have to point the IMG tag to somewhere already on the internet. You can point it to your site or e-mail me a picture and I'll get it on tonight.

What color is it? Yamaha Blue?

We still riding this weekend in Moab?


That's better...

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I'm interested in a bag. How big is it. I have two sons that ride with me and I need a pretty big bag. Let me know if/when you post a picture please, and any other details you can share. Email me at or call me weekdays at 480-891-8442.


Paul in AZ

Hey Tim.

Did you get my e-mail? I definately want a bag. If you can bring it to Moab, I'll bring some cash-o-la.


Actually I carry the lawn chair in my back pack for lunch breaks. I save the gear bag for carrying my b-b-que, and picnic table. This aint no ordinary bag... :)

Bryan, I got your email, and I got your bag. It was the last one they had, what a lucky man you are...I'll have it for you on Friday. Where are we riding on Friday by the way? Can't wait...


If you can get two for me, please email me at, thanks.


2000 WR400F

That's good news! I can use that bag! Thx!

We are up for anything. I was thinking we should do a ride that won't have as many mountain bikers on it on Friday and save the more remote stuff for Saturday (like Kane Creek). Plus, one of our riders that won't show up until Sat wants to ride Kane Creek. But, I could do it both days if everyone wants too. We could do Poison Spider and Gold Bar Rim? What do you think? Have any suggestions?

Did you get my cell number? I'll e-mail it to you right now again just in case you didn't get it. I e-mailed to

I was thinking I could meet you at the gas station just off highway 191 that goes to Flat Pass (Westwater Drive?) at a certain time, say 9:30? If we aren't ready to ride then, I can then lead you to our condo while we all gear up. If we are ready, we'll all just ride down to meet you.

Is your bike street legal? Or will you need to trailer to our riding spot?



Do you normally bring your lawn chair to the mall with you? I mean, it is a nice lawn chair and all....but it would seem awkward to carry. After disassembly, will it fit in the gear bag? :)

I have one in my tool pack on my bike. Don't you Kev?


Kane Creek on Saturday sounds great. As for Friday, we're game for Poison Spider. We will leave here (Orem) about 6 a.m. and usually we can do Moab in just over 3 hours so 9:30 would be fine. Or if you have a phone number to the condo I could call there when we get into town. If you are planning on being ready to ride at 9:30 we'll do it that way.

Our bikes are not legal, so we'll have to pull them to the unload spot. If I ride highway and a long trail ride together on my YZ seat, I end up walking funny for the next couple of days...

Hey Bryan is this gonna be a great weekend or what? I just threw on a 13 counter so I can have a little more low end for the knarly stuff. We'll see how she does...

Can't wait!



Utah Moto Adventures

Sound like a plan Stan! I'm psyched too! I can hardly work today!

Since you'll be driving so far and have to trailer to our spot, I'll just meet you at the gas station in my truck and guide you to our condo where we can make final plans in the morning.

I have an all white Dodge Ram.

I thought about gearing down to a 13 tooth but blew it off. I like the high speed stuff too. Plus, I want to see how my bike does with the YZ timing in the narly stuff with stock gearing. I might regret it though.

What jetting do you run in Moab? With my YZ timing, I'm running a 48 pilot, DVR needle at 4th clip (I might switch to my DVP for grins though), and a 178 main. Do you go richer than that? Or leave those stock settings alone?


P.S. You need to take it easy on us mountain boys! We've been pathetic home boys all winter.

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Bryan you expect to much. Just cause I can pull a professional looking endo doesn't mean you won't be schoolin. I'm a little wild, but not all that quick...not if I'm hitting the ground every once in a while.

For jetting, I am running the stock. I ran it that way last Moab trip and it seemed to be fine. If I wasn't in the poor house I would mess with my jetting a little for fun, but I get a kick out of riding an ugly bike with few mods. Something for my perverse ego I guess. Besides, an ugly bike for an ugly rider. Isn't that how it should be? :)

We'll be there at 9:30 in a white Chevy with a trailer. I believe you have my number also in case any plans change.



Utah Moto Adventures

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