98 WR wattage VS. 99/00 wattage

I ordered a light kit from Baja Designs. They said they are sending me a lower watt headlight bulb (35wt) in place of the stock 55 because either the coil? or stator? on 98's doesn't put out enough to power the kit. Anyone familiar with this? I guess I could get the 99 or 00 version of what I need from the dealer, but I want to make sure I'm getting the right part. I do plan to ride at night and I'd like a light that's brighter than my bicycle light!

Sorry I wasn't sure about the part I need. Not to familiar with this stuff...

For some background info. scroll down on the list of topics on the forum and read the posts under "Baja Kit" and "Y2K Stator & CDI". Also, there is some good information in the archive (look under lighting kit, baja designs, dual sport, etc.).

Bottom line the 80w stator output on the '98 and '99 bikes is insufficient to power the entire lighting kit AND recharge the nicad battery at the same time. Switching to the 35w headlight allows enough extra wattage to charge the battery while you're riding. If you really want to run the higher wattage bulb (55/60w), you'll need to have your stator rewound. For $130, Baja Desings can rewind your stock stator and bring it up to 130w output.

Is this for the dual sport kit? If it is, what about just a pure offroad light on a 99 WR? What is the most cost effective (and brightest) system I can run if all I want is a headlight and no accessories? I prefer not to spend over $200. Anyone ever tried any of those car driving lights that are so bright and annoying? They seem a lot cheaper (just my practical side). I want to poke around the open desert and cruise around the dunes, not desert race. Maybe night vision would be cheaper than an HID setup :) Any help woulb be great. Dimming is not a huge issue. Something comparable to the lighting on a stock Banshee would work very well if that is possible. Thanks.

I had my stator rewound by BD and it still would not keep the battery chaged with a 55/50 watt H4. I went back to the 35/35 watt H4 and everthing is fine battery never runs down and is always charged, as long as you dont let the bike sit aroung for a couple of weeks without riding! I was disappointed though. It is better cause the stock system on my 99WR could not consistently keep the battery charged with the 35 watt bulb.



Here's what you should do. Contact Baja Designs and tell them you want to rewind your sator. This will change your 85 watt stator to a 130 watt. Next you want to order an 80/80 superbright bulb. This will replace your stock bulb and give you 110 watt light ouput, your stock is only 60! If you ever choose to do hi/lo you'll be able to get 110 watts low/135 watts high. Thats bright! The rewind is $130 and the bulb is $38. Cheap, relatively speaking, you get 110 watts, AND you can use your stock light housing!

Good Luck!

JJ in WA

Clarke, how big is your battery (amps)on your WR? I am surprised that with an 85 watt stator you could not run a 55W headlight and a tail light.


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