Questions about main air jet.

Hi All,

Just picked up my new WR 450 and started to install the GYTR AIS removal and jet kit. Everything is smooth until I get to the installation of the main air jet. The hole that the main air jet is too big and the threads don't catch. I am trying to install the jet to the right of the pilot air jet.

Two questions: is this the right hole and how will the main air jet affect performance?



Thanks, looks like its going to be a good read.


I have the exact same problem. Some of the gytr kits were sent with the wrong main air jet. The jet is too small to fit in the carburetor bell. I spoke with Yamaha and they confirmed this. They are sending me a new air jet this weekend. If you call them, have them fax over the directions, it is much more detailed than the little piece of paper that comes with the kit. Make sure that you install it in the right hand hole when you are facing the carburetor bell.

Thanks for the replies. I had a ride planned this weekend so I put the bike back together without the main air jet and it actually ran pretty good. There was a very slight off idle bog, but almost not noticeable and little to no popping on decel. The response was also very good. I'll be interested to see what effect the main air jet has on the bike's performance.


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