Has anybody tried Dunlop D606's on their WR?

If so.... what are they like?

Last month's Dirt Bike mag had a good article on them. Gave the tire a good review as a DOT tire. Will be trying one as a dual sport tire, and using it in an enduro 1st weekend of may. Will give a report on the tire then.


99 WR400




Thanks dewd

I just mounted a D606 0n my WR and will report back to the forum on my feelings about this tire. I'v been runing the D756's and had good luck with them.


I have the 606 on my wr4 and am fairly happy with it. It is wearing quite well so far. No complaints there and I have run it on the street a few times.

As far as traction goes, I have ridden mostly hard pack with some sand and it works good under these conditions. I don't know about loam and mud performance yet.

It seems a little narrow and the side knobs are more rounded than the stocker. It makes the bike lean over with little or no effort. I assume that they did this with the street in mind and it is most noticable on street or hard pack. I am not sure if this is a good or bad thing :)

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I have about 500 miles on a 606 and like the performance so far. Excellent wear, predictability. I thought it would be more of a compromise being a DOT tire than it actually is. Far better tire than the Pirelli DOT, in my opinion.

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