how do i get a canadian wr

I live So Cal and am looking for a Canadian wr

canada rocks! eh.

Why sre you looking for a Canadian WR if you don't mind me asking?


99 Canadian WR

yep, good question....

I am a bit curious 'cause I just picked up a 2000 WR on tuesday :) and am at the bottom of the huge learning curve.

no waiting list. I suppose I got lucky. I did a bunch of phoning around and no one had one for sale. As a second choice, I was then looking for a DRz400 when I stumbled across the WR at Bow Cycle. They said that it had been reserved, but the finacing for the guy fell through.. thus it was back on the floor. I fretted for about 24 hours and threw a deposit on it and then picked it up on Tuesday night...

it was a Two Wheeled Tuesday :)

The sales experience from Bow was really so-so, I guess it comes from having me wanting a hot commodity.. but they were seemingly disinterested that I wanted this $7300CAN bike. My lack of faith in motocycle shops has been re-set back to it's usual sub-par level.

As for the other shops, I still think that Walts is still my favortie... it isn't a yuppie boutique and their coffee is pretty bad.. both prerequisites that a bike shop must have to even be considered.


I live in So.Cal and got a Canadian WR from Mission Yamaha (Laguna Niguel). Back when I got mine (March 99) there were no WR's in Cal so they brought them in from Canadia.

They did this again before the first US 2000's came in. Now they have a couple US models on the floor, so I don't know if they will be going back up north this year. It might be worth giving them a call. (949) 582-0351

First, 1 you get in your truck, 2 you go north, you can't miss it, i mean Canada.


2000 WR400F

Have you tried looking in the Recycler? I found my Canadian '00 WR there. I went for the Canadian version because the VIN has a "W" in the 8th position. This eliminated any hassles with the DMV regarding the green sticker or dual sport registration. The guy I bought it from said that he would probably be bringing in a few more. His price on the bike was also much more reasonable than any of the local dealers. Good Luck


Ya, the only reason I got a Canadian one was because it was available three months before the CA bikes where and it was the same price. I got mine from Orange County Honda.


'99 WR400

'92 GSXR 7/11

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Walts, Crapfoot, Airdre or Bow? Were you on a waiting list?


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