Trail Rider review 2000 WR400F

Well they gave it a good review, a few small things they would change, but overall they really liked it and they tested it in Costa Rica which has terrain just like hawaii, tight, rocky, roots, mud and so on and that is were i live, as a matter of fact i go dirt riding right out my driveway over 500 miles of trails and i don't even have to load up, life is good. As a matter of fact i went riding after work for two hours to test motogreg set up and it works, yea.

But anyway at the end of the write up it said , the only thing the WR and that was it, i looked all over the mag. for more none to be found, so i called trail rider and said what happened, he told me it was left out by the printer, then over the phone he read me the rest of and it said, WR was lacking was a ele. start not real important because one it starts easy and two ele. starts are not the most important thing on a four banger yet, but if it becomes one yamaha will have to follow the times.

They also left out that it was to loud and that yamaha should follow suit of the other manufacturers on making a pipe that gives full performance without the noise. I agree, as loud bikes are a problem and cause problems on public lands.


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The comments from people in the Dirt Rider review sounded like some people chose the KTM over the WR just because of the electric start. Some of the riders had actually chosen the WR as the best bike.

I agree on the exhaust. KTM has done a good job in this department. But then again, their pipes have a huge can!

I got the new Dirt Bike today and they have a test of the 400exc and the wr400. The wr is much faster they say, the stock wr tank being the only thing they didn't like. They say the wr (with stock wr cam timing) is still the fastest 400.


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In Dirt Rider one of the riders commented that he was sure he was faster on the WR than any of the bikes, but that he had to be because of the suspension/engine. He also said that the bike would wear you out in a long race (3hrs).

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