Ideal WR426 Off-road set up?

I'm about to sell my 97 XR400, I was planning to pick up the new Husky 450 but I don't want to wait and I might be limited in what I can do to it for the riding I plan to do.

My previous bike was a 98 YZ400F. I loved that bike in many ways but the suspension was to harsh for tight trails and the motor needed a heavier flywheel for single tracks. But it handled great and the power was a blast. I have also ridden the new KTM MXC400, While a nice bike I didn;t think it was worth the extra cash and my YZ was faster and handled better. The new CRF450 was pretty amazing but not set up well for off-road riding.

So I'm thinking of a 02 WR426: for both medium to tight off road (fire trails. single track)and some desert riding (baja, Mojovie).

What is the ideal set up? I'm thinking a larger YZ 3.2 gal. tank / seat, better bars, But I also think a 10/12oz. flywheel is in order. Will this combo work with the YZ cam timing? or is that counter productive?

Thanks for any input.

you already have a great trail machine. going blue rocks. But if you already have a great trail machine why lose money selling it and spend alot more buying a a WR. Just wide the wr on the traisl as is. you shouldn't need anything right away. But bark busters and a CEET seat are nice. But i am still a rookie i guess. Good luck but make the smart decision.


I found that the WR with its wide ratio trans and heavier fly wheel made a perfect all purpose bike. Also, having a light to the off chance of getting catch in the dark is nice.

If you are looking to purchase a larger YZ tank anyway, why not put it on a bike that will give you the best of what you want with out a large price impact. For an additional $80-$100 you can have a YZ seat for that tank.

The suspension on the WR is not as harch as the YZ since it is aimed at the cross country set instead of motocross, so you may be close to the setup you want out of the box. You already know the YZ setup is harsh, but the package handles well. Imagine a plush suspension with the same geometery.

MY 0.02 worth.


The transition from Xr to WR will be seemless I did it and I am a much faster rider on the yamaha. Bark buster, YZ seat Larger tank combo, 13 t front sprocket and back off the rebound on both the shock and forks about 4 clicks unless your over 200lbs. Taller bars are nice and of course you have to do the grey wire/throttle stop/airbox/pipe mods.

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