DRD Radiator lowering kit

I have a 2007 YZF450. I had the suspension done for my weight. I am 155lbs and 47 years old, and just started riding again last year. (It has been over 20 years.) I am still trying to get the bike dialed in. I raced 2 weeks ago in the Vet 40 SX class. First moto I layed it down in a turn on the 4th lap. Second moto I killed it on the start, I was trying to start in 3rd gear but I think it was in 4th. I was wondering if it would help to put the DRD lowering kit on the bike. With the 450 you have to get a new head pipe. I do not want to spend the money if it doesn't help that much. Because I am so light I need to do everything I can to get the bike more Light and balanced feeling. Any input for a old guy starting back up would be great. Also I figured out that I need to work on my breathing while racing. I was so tired after every moto I could hardly get off the bike.

It would help, but the new Yamahas already handle very well. Try getting your bike fitness up first. Do some light weight(don't miss out on the bench press or do push-ups) and cardio training and you'll notice how much easier it'll be to ride. Practice, practice, practice!

How heavy are radiators?

I bet you would never ever feel one bit of difference.Maybe the center of gravity in your wallet would be a little lower

practice, practice and more practice...especially the starts.....don't waste the money on the lowering kit yet.....:thumbsup:

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