Cycra Slimtank for YZ400F

I was doing some surfing and found a 2.9 gal Cycra Slimtank for the YZ400F. This must be new. The size seems perfect for my needs. Has anyone had any experience with Cycra tanks? (quality & fit) I saw it advertised at for $148. That's a great price if this tank's any good.

IMS is what I see on most of the bikes out at the desert races. I know some people are happy with the Clarke's. I'd stay with one of those two. I have the IMS and I'm happy with it, I've been 85 hard desert miles with it and still had "alittle" gas left :)


Chris in the Mojave

'98 YZ400F

ACERBIS also makes a tank. You can see it at My experience w/ Acerbis shows exellent workmanship.

I don't like the IMS. I've heard too many stories of poor fit and I don't like the idea of only using one of the factory mounting bolts at the front. The Acerbis is too huge looking, although I've heard the quality is good. I was curious why Cycra doesn't list a YZ400 tank on their website, so I e-mailed them. They say they don't make one yet. ?? I don't know what is selling. I'm probably going to get the Clark or a YZ tank when the time comes.

Flash or anyone out there did you ever try the Cycra tank I am also interested in it.


Does anyone have a picture of the Cycra 2.9 gallon tank for the WR/YZF. There website does not display a picture and I want to know where they added all of the extra material.

The tank is pictured at Cycras web site. It's cost is $179.00 (US).



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I could only find a picture of the YZ125/250 tank. I have heard they have a yz400 tank but can not find a picture anywhere. I have seen it listed in a few magazines though. I guess I will just wait till they are open on Monday and give them a call.

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