Flywheel weight?

I know i have to put a flywheel weight on. but what size to i go with?

i ride tight trails , hill climb, what to you guys suggest?

I know i have to put a flywheel weight on. but what size to i go with?

i ride tight trails , hill climb, what to you guys suggest?

Go with a 4oz. weight:thumbsup:

Go with the complete Yamaha off-road flywheel. It only cost $100

Just rode my 04 YZ 450 for the first time with the GYT-R off road fww,which is the heavy one.Night&Day difference in power delivery.Don,t worry about power loss because there is,nt none. It still has all the arm yanking power!!!! 100$

i was told that it would mellow out the bike, but the gain is it it makes it harder to stall in tight stuff. is this true? i don't know the pros and cons to the fly wheel weight.

In theory it should mellow out the bike. If it mellowed out mine I didn't notice. What I did notice is the lack of stalling.

Yes, the heavier flywheel weight will make the bike less likely to stall, in tight trails, etc. Think of it this way.....the engine is designed for MX where you want a relatively lightweight flywheel, so that the engine will "spool up", that is, the engine will wind up quickly, so that you can come out of a tight corner, and have a quick revving engine to make that jump that's right near the corner.

On trails however, you want a heavier flywheel to keep the engine turning over when it is running at low RPM. The additional weight keeps the engine chugging over, due to inertia.

I ride both track and trails, and I use a dr. D 6 oz. heavier than stock flywheel.

I recommend the Dr. D model because they offer a 4 oz., 6 oz., and a 8 oz. heavier model. If I were you I'd buy the Dr. D model because Dr. D allows you to exchange the flywheel for a different weight if you want to. Let's say you get a 6 oz. and you think it's too light. Just pay the shipping, send them your 6 oz. and they wlil ship you an 8 oz. model. You can exchange the flywheel as many times as you want pretty much, with only paying shipping costs.

Since using my 6 oz. heavier model, the bike gets much better traction, and in the tight, twisty, uphill trails, it pulls like a tractor. Before with the stock flywheel, I'd occasionally stall it...not anymore. As far as acceleration goes, it's pretty much unchanged..maybe a hair slower. If you ride both track and trails, I'd order the 6 oz. model. If you ride trails only, get the 8 oz. one.

If you REALLY want to eliminate stalling all together, you might want to look into an auto clutch like Rekluse Z-start or Pro. I installed the Pro on my WR and I really like it. The bike almost never stalls, no matter how nasty and technical the trail is.

I personally don't recommend the Rekluse. Tried one in my 06 and didn't like it at all. Much prefer the flywheel weight.

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