I have seen the enemy part II (or is it III?)

There are two bikes on the way, one will be a 500cc aluminum frame, four stroke cr500 MX bike (and that rumor is also in the new MXA magazine).

The other rumor is that there will be a new 400cc aluminum frame xr. This one is called the NXR which sounds like xr and it is electric start which is more like xr than cr and also the new xr400 surfaced on the Net a few days ago so this sounds like the new xr400 and not the cr500 four stroke. I imagined that the xr400 would have an aluminum frame similar to the new xr650. At this point nobody really knows where this bike fits into the picture. All we know is that there will be a water cooled, four stroke, aluminum frame xr400 enduro/trail bike, and there will be a four stroke, aluminum frame cr500 MX bike. One rumor has the new MX bike racing the first outdoor national at Glen Helen on 5/14 so we'll see, I'll bring my camera!


'99 WR400

'92 GSXR 7/11

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I found this out in January and held some people to secrecy....

XR400, 450 and 500. Alloy frame, MS orientated with on the fly shift... Meaning, an option for handlebar quick shift-clutchless...



Motard Mitch

Well Mitch, we can change the ignition curve on the fly and we can change the steering damping on the fly so why not change the handlebars on the fly or was that change the gearbox on the fly? Lots more is possible, I'v seen it on TV. Transchangakonks I think, must be Swedish, Thailand doesn't make dirt bikes!!

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