07 wr450 fuel consumption

hi guys, searched forum on posts regarding this topic but all on older models.

just wondered if this sounds about right- i road bike on road to new trail today and only seem to be getting between 31-36 miles before hitting reserve, just wondered if this sounds the norm

does 07 have smaller tank than earlier models??? only seems to take bout 4 ltrs to fill up again. i was averaging between 50-60mph

bike has all free mods done/jd jetting kit(168 main/48 pilot/blue needle 4th clip down and zip ty adjustable fuel screw) also have fmf powerbomb header and q 4 tail pipe every thing else is standard ie gearing.

how far do you think reserve good for cos for a while i was touching cloth no juice stations around.:thumbsup:


Sorry I don't have fuel consumption info for you, because I just purchased my own 07 WR450. I do have a question for you... I too have done the free mods and JD Jetting, but still have the stock pipe.

What kind of difference did the FMF exhaust make to your performance? Are you happy with it?

Thanks in advance,


PS- the bike comes with a 2.1 gal tank. I bought a 3.1 gallon aftermarket tank and the YZ shrouds. The stock tanks just seems very small.

i cant really answer your question fully cos i got bike and did everything before i even rode it all i can say is pipe is excellent fit, looks sweet and is quiet in a beefy sort of way(if that makes sense) i would have bought mega bomb header but it wasnt available at time of purchase but should be now i m kinda impatiant waiting ha ha ha i m sure it will make definate difference over stock when i researched into it found 07 header smaller dia than 06 and a lot of posts seemed to imply that you dont get same power increase from just a slip on like you did with an 06(i figured after i ve spent all i did on bike i could stand another £150 to have header as well)

does your 3.1 tank affect bike handling massively or is it not that noticable????


I have an 07 WR450 and I get ~50 mpg before I go on reserve. This was riding up in the mountains with 80% singletrack. I have the JD jetting kit and FMF Powercore slip-on. I just got the 3.1 IMS tank but I haven't riden with it yet (just came today).:thumbsup:

what kinda speeds you averaging through singltrack kenshaw and what jets you using??????

First ride out I smoked through 3/4 of a tank in 35 miles. Of course the bike was brand new and I expect the fuel mileage to get better. It was mixed terrain riding. I think I'd probably get 50-55 miles on a tank. I'll get a better idea of how it does in the woods next week.

50-55 miles on a tank with all mods and a pipe..... When you're doing 60-95mph it goes quick..

what kinda speeds you averaging through singltrack kenshaw and what jets you using??????

I think we were averaging 15 - 20 mph. Not very fast but the riding was fairly technical. I have the 168 main and 48 pilot with the red needle on the 4th groove.

Why did this thread die? I wish more owners would chime in.

I've had my 07 since January of 2007. All the free mods, and I only get about 31-36 miles also.

Jsan,you've had yours for awhile now, what mileage are you getting?

.......... bahhh :worthy:

07 Get around 35 mpg (miles per gallon). All the mods, with 45, 168 jetting on 4th clip. I'm still sorting out the jetting, going to a 48 pilot. I just went 104mi on my 3.1 ims without hitting reserve. My bike surges like a mother and gets worse mileage than my buddies 530 KTM. After switching bikes for awhile, I wanted my WR back because my arms were tingling from the vibes of the 530. I was going to buy some orange kool aide but, I'm happy with the WR.

I would post some pictures from my horrible weekend but, I don't want to show everyone the miserable landscape/terrain I'm forced to ride in.:worthy:

I get about(07 450) about 30-35mpg.Singal track,or road not very good.I have the Ims 3.1.As it is I have to carry a gallon jug extra.Im going to change to the Clark 3.6.

On my '08' I get around 33mpg with a 48, 168, GYTR needle 2nd clip, all Mods and R&D Power Bowl with adjustable leak jet set about 40. No problem with surging. With 3.6gal Clarke tank that gives me a range of 118 miles. Ditto on posting my weekend pictures desertlover no ones intrested in Montana single track anyway.

I just put about 55 miles on the stock tank doing some easy trail riding today, averaging about 20mph, never hit reserve. When I filled it up after that with my gas can, it "felt" like I only put about a gallon and a half in it. Got better than I thought, but I do have a Clarke 3.6 gallon tank I throw on for those longer rides.

Jsan,you've had yours for awhile now, what mileage are you getting?

It varies

In non technical flowing single track (2nd-3rd gear, little elevation change) where I'm barely getting on the throttle I've been able to sqeeze 30-35 miles from about 1/2 a tank.

In the technical type singletrack I know it guzzles gas pretty hard. But I've never been able to get an actual estimate because my endurance sucks in that kind of terrain.

In more open terrain like two track 50-55 miles seems about right for a tank of fuel.

Hillclimbing? Forget about it. About 40 miles and the tank only has a splash of fuel in it. I'm talking pretty steep big ass hillclimbs. Search for "carnegie" on youtube and you'll see what I mean.

The mileage hasn't changed much with each state of tune the bike has been in. I thought that was interesting.

Two years ago I thought I would need an oversized tank. Thats not the case with the type of riding I do. Now if I rode in the dez or dual sported that'd be a different story.

Anybody else?

.......... bahhh :bonk:

'06 think about 25mpg any sort of hard riding, maybe 35+ just putting around. My '02 drz kicker consistantly got 40-50, but softer hit.

70% single track, 30% jeep trails - both my buddy (we both have 08 WR450's) and my bike get around 35-37 miles before we hit reserve - we run fairly hard, however, it always seems to be in this range we have to go to reserve. :bonk:

90% single track lots of elevation changes I switch to reserve around 95-100km around 125 km to empty. Never tried it on only open easy back roads.

All depends on the aggressiveness of the ride. When I'm racing I average 25 mpg, when play riding the best I've got is 35mpg.

06 WR450 with free mods and rejet.

I've gotten as much as 46mpg on a DS ride. First leg of it I rode pretty conservative..on the way back we hammered it pretty good..all twisty jeep roads in BEAUTIFUL country.

BTW, the 07 comes geared really low. If I remember right it's 13x50. I popped on a 14t countersprocket and it works well with anything I've thrown at it. ST, DS, CS (cruel sport). For faster stuff I put on a 15t counter Sprocket and it worked ok but if you came up on a trail that might be nasty it was geared too high. I bought the bike to explore so that went away.

Hooking the wr in ST usually gets me 25mpg or less.

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