knee pads and boots!

i like the msr knee pad and shin pad combos that they have. they are made to fit for the left and the right knee, but the question i have is - can you wear dirt biking boots with pads that have the shin pad aswell? or if i'm getting boots should i just get the knee pads only? what do you guys out there wear for knee pads?

I have Alpinestar boots and fox knee and shin pads. Before I tried them on, I thought this will be cumbersome. But after putting them both on, I've had no problems and the setup feels light. I like having the extra protection. Plus, having the shin guards helps to keep the entire piece from sliding around.



2000 WR

I wear Fox Forma Boots and use the pivoting Fox knee/shin gaurds. Everything fits great and doesn't feel too bulky.

In use some moose knee guards. They are inexpensive, fit fine under the boot, no pinching or sliding. I looked at the Fox Pivots but couldn't justify the price ( I didn't think I could get used to them after riding 20+ years without).

Have fun


Alpinestar boots & the Moose Kneepads - combo works great. I had my mom add extra velcro patches to on the strap for more adjustment range & she also made up some 'sheepskin' covers for strap (like you see for a seat belt). This combo is sweet - thanks mom:-)

The only problem is that the Moose kneepads don't stay in place w/o my riding boots on.


I ended up buying the Fox pivot kneepads.I'm just recovering from a fractured kneecap,so i wanted the best coverage.I wore Thor kneepads when i broke it.I dont think i would have broke it if i was wearing the pivots.

Steve, what did you do to your kneecap? I broke mine about two years ago, and I was wondering what excercises or therapy you were reccomended? I did PT for a while, but can't seem to kick the knee problem. It operates just fine mechanically, but audibly pops when lots of weight is on it and moving. I have been doing leg presses, extensions, and squats, and it is getting better, but who knows... thanks

Buttonfly,i was out of work for two months and all i did was ride my stationary bike.Huge mistake.I work for UPS as a driver and i just went back last thursday.I had no strength in my leg.I had to wear my kneebrace for two days,very uncomfortable.Starting this week i'm going to do squats and whatever else i can think of.I'm still worried about riding too aggresively.Because of my job,if i get hurt,i cant work.

The cheapest knee pads I found were inline skate pads from Kmart. No shin guard but a good secure attachment. Elbow guards are good too, again no forearm protector but lots better than nothing. If you don't have income insurance you at least need:

bark busters, knee pads and elbow pads. If you don't already have good boots and helmet you didn't buy all the bike.

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