07 xr 650l stock horsepower?

what is it?

stock 33,uncorked 35


it doesn't literally have a cork...

I assume he's referring to adjustments including removal of some key bits, and some carb/pipe mods.

Do a search...

will this work on a dr 650 suzuki?

will this work on a dr 650 suzuki?

I'm not to familiar with the DR but over on there page I'm sure they have at least imfo on the proper jets to use for carb mods.


stock 33,uncorked 35

i thought stock was 38?

Maybe the difference is from crank to rear wheel.

For what it's worth:


The owner reported the runs were made with Avon Distanzias, so no need to "correct" for the lower numbers produced when dyno'ing with knobbies (in case anyone was wondering about that). Also, notice the scale is given in DIN HP not SAE HP. So, to get the SAE figures almost universally used here in the good ole' US of A, multiply the numbers by 98.6%.

Bear in mind that damn near every dyno measures a little different. In a perfect world they would all measure 1 HP exactly the same--but they tend not to. The changes in power as the bike was modified is probably what we should be paying the closest attention to--not the absolute numbers. This same bike might have pulled 35hp on some other dyno and 40hp on yet another dyno. Also, I'm wary of dyno runs that aren't accompanied with a/f data. However the notes indicate that jetting changes were made so I think it's fair to assume the jetting got appropriate attention.

Here's another from a test by MotorcycleUSA.com from a test comparing the XR650L and the BMW F650GS.


what is it?

The best bike in the world!!!!!!!:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :busted:

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