Devol Radiator guards for Y2k WR are different

I decided to keep the radiator guards from my 99 model to put on the 2000 WR that i have on order, but I have been informed that they wont fit. Devol were putting on their packaging that they fit the 00 models, but they have since found out they don't, so they are making new ones for the 2000 WR's and YZ's.

Has onyone tried to put the older ones on the 2000 models ? Apparently they will fit with some modification.


R o d. H. Canberra, Australia400 Thumpers Australia

2000' WR400

E-Series "Randy Hawkins" replica & Tapered header, Renthals, WB fame guards, Devol Rad. guards,

I got the thumper Rad. guards for my 00 WR. At first I did not think that they would fit (no instructions)after playing with them I did get them on OK. I called my local Yamaha dealer and he said that the part # for the 2000 raidiator is the same as the 98-99.

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