426 starts w/ hot start only then dies

Help. I've owned my 02 426 for six months. Started first kick every time and ran great. Now it will only start with the hot start but dies after about 20 seconds. As soon as I push the hot start in it dies as well. Any ideas?

With the choke on?

No choke at all. Only will start with the hot start alone. I've got a steady drip of fuel from the carb vent tube also. Could it be the float?

The needle valve may be stuck open, maybe with dirt or whatever(maybe the float's stuck like you mentioned), sometimes a bit of a tap on the side of the carby with a wrench or whatever can get it closed again. If the drip continues, you could take the float bowl off to see if it needs a bit of a clean in there?

So it must be getting too much fuel. Is that why it only starts with the hot start? The hot start is helping lean it out?

Yeah, that's what it sounds like is happening, but I've got no more of an idea than you of what is actually happening, I'm just trying to help out a bit! I do know that it shouldn't be dripping out of the overflow though, so try to get that sorted first if you can.

Thanks for the help. I'll give it a shot.

No worries, it may just be a bit gunked up in there. Even my '06 has leaked out the overflow a couple of times lately, it's not unusual.

Thanks for the help Ben. Got it running great! Get to ride tomorrow!!! Woo Hoo!!!!!

No worries, it's good to hear you got it sorted out. Do you know what it was, just the float stuck? Enjoy your ride! Another thing I was going to mention is that the needle valve(it works with the float to allow and stop gas entering the bowl) can eventually wear out, but I don't know how common that is on bikes.

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