E-Mail Uncle Bill

I'm sure you guys are tired of hearing me on my soap box about Off-Road rights, but here's more:

Please link over to http://www.monumentpetition.com/ They allow you to electronically sign a petition and to e-mail the evil uncle Bill (not Gates he breaks laws for money not votes). They're going to get away with the land grab, if we don't show our numbers! Anyone have other ideas?

Check out: http://www.ama-cycle.org/legisltn/closures/

No more preaching for now...


Have all you US guys joined the AMA?

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I appreciate your efforts. When you hear of something like this we can go sign, please keep us notified.

I haven't been a member of the AMA for a while, but I did just go sign up for the Blue Ribbon Coalition. I'll be composing some e-mails for Uncle Billy and Al too.......

Hello All and especially those of you in California. Back on the soap box.

Did you see the old commander-in-chief hugging all those trees he saved this weekend? The news I heard said "...some recreation has been limited..." Saved huge 200 yr old trees fron certain devastation from campers, mountain bikes and motorcycles - RIGHT :)

More like - Just purchased 1000's of California votes for nephew AL. Gore is having a tough time in California and this effort was essentially free to the DNC. Taxpayers paid for the ceremony, the greenies paid for the lawyers, looks great in the press – the only ones it upset were the 1000’s of people who enjoyed the park responsibly! And most of those are republicans anyway! (except Doug - I'm going to try and turn him, shhh don't tell)


OK - I’m in a bad mood this weekend. My riding buddies – Bryan, Dougie & KerryT - are all in the desert burning adrenalin, testosterone and Dunlops. I’m stuck here in Denver watching it snow.

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