good news, bad news

Hello everyone. I went to yz timing on my 2000wr yesterday and my bike rips. It wasn't as big of a difference but it is easier to wheelie and oh yah it was free. I'm also happy that I lost some compression braking. That was the good news now comes the bad news. Well YZ timing was rocking and I was getting brave trying to clear a 45ft. tabletop. After three tries I was almost there. So I went again, cassed out hard, bike bounced up I bounced off and landed on my shoulder. Well, seeing my bike laying on the ground I quickly got up and set the bike on the kickstand. I then felt this really big pain by my shoulder. I put my hand there and felt a bump. I broke my collar bone so no more riding for at least 1 month. Damn bone are suppossed to be stronger. This gives me time to work on my suspension. Does anyone know of a place in northern Illinois that does good suspension work? I would rather not send my suspension away to get fixed(revavled and resprung). I am 185 lb. and my suspension is way too soft. Also can snyone recommend some good movies and books? I have a lot of spare time on my hands, well one of them anyways.


Angel Boy

DUDE!!! ( With my best SoCal surf accent)

Sorry to hear that! Heal Fast!

Get the suspension sorted out, I was at the track today and I can tell you the right springs makes a WORLD of different in control on the landings.


Chris in the Mojave

'98 YZ400F

Were you wearing shoulder pads.

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