1988 xr 600 kick start question

hi all, nice informative forum may i add.

OK my question, my xr is a nightmare to start from cold, i have to bump start it then once it has started it will kick start quite easy.

the thing is when i crank the kick start to find the compression stroke i literally have to get the kick start leaver to engage at about 9 o'clock, it don't seem to engage at the top.

for quarter of a turn there is nothing so it seems that i am only getting one stroke of the piston from 9 o'clock to 6 o'clock.

is this right for a 1988 thumper or should it engage and let me kick it right from the 12 o'clock position.

like i find the compression stroke then let the kick start up where it clicks but as i say it don't seem to want to engage until the 9 o'clock position.

but as i say once it is started it will fire up every time with just one stroke of the firing cycle.:thumbsup:

the p,o told me that a friend was kicking his bike over when the old kickstart snapped on a cick back sending his friend of the bike could this have sheered some teeth of the cog ? i am at a loss here.

get in there and take a look. there are lots of parts that could be messed up. best to take a look and see for yourself when in doubt. i was just looking in the manual and there's lots of bits that could be loose, sheared, etc.

good luck

would there be an issue with oil with removing the side case and would i need to get gaskets as they are quite hard to come by for that year of bike in the UK.

oh and would you think i should still be able to kick start the bike from cold even if the kick start don't engage until it is half way down.

sorry for seeming a bit thick but i would love to be able to work on the bike my self and i am trying but i just need a bit more confidence before opening up this dude.

thanks for taking the time to reply to my questions.

Get a Honda service manual and read the kickstart section. There is more than enough information there to walk you through it.

To answer your questions:

YES, you will have to drain the oil out of the bottom of the motor or you will have a mess when you pull that side cover off.

In regards to the gasket, there is a 50/50 chance that you will be able to get the side cover off without tearing it, or damaging it. Best to have a new one on hand before you begin the job. Barring that, if you can't wait on a new gasket you can get by using silicone to seal the gasket if it tears, OR you can buy a large piece of poster paper and try to cut yourself a new gasket using the old parts/pieces as a template.

Starting the bike with less than half of the available kick-start range sounds to me like it is going to be difficult! I'm not saying you can't do it, but why kill yourself trying? Get that cover off and find out why you are not getting lever engagement at the top of the stroke! While you have the cover off, you can easily check the clutch for wear or damage. Good luck with your project

thanks you for you help, im reading the manual now.

the thing is the bike starts real easy when warm but you cant rely on parking on a hill every time you go out eh.

well i read the service manual, and things look a little daunting, so i thought i would just check a few minor things first.

i took out the air filter which was a little well a lot gunked up with dirt so i left this off and thought i would try a little easy start spray in the intake hole.

i sprayed it and kicked it over (cold) and nothing not a pop.

i was just about to remove the plug to check for a spark when i noticed the kill switch was a modified light switch, the switch was set to on so out of curiosity i turned the switch to off.

BANG she fired, (switch wired up the wrong way round) whoopee,so i found tdc and gave one almighty kick right through to the bottom and varooom there was life.

so i cleaned the filter and she now starts from cold every time.

thought i would just let you know.

That is great, but didn't fix the starter issue, Mine has done this a few times, simple fix, Lay the bike on it's left side at least 45 degree angle or more, then you don't have to drain the oil, unless you need to change it, pull the side case off, don't worry about the gasket, get a tube of Honda Bond gasket sealer or equivelent and it will seal up just fine, after you get the clutch all apart and the hub is off, you can get to the guts of the starter, you probably have a broken spring or the nylon sprag is broken, one end of the spring fits in it. The whole starter gear assembly just pulls right out in one piece, It is a pretty easy fix, just take your time, it's not that bad.:thumbsup:

Good Luck:applause:

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