Need to smooth out fork action on my '04

I have a 2004 450F that I love, but the fork action continues to be harsh no matter where I set the clickers. What can I do to smooth out the fork action? Any suggestions?

Get them revalved. Best money you can spend on a bike.

Harsh on small or big stuff? Bottoming harshly? You're adjusting the bottom clickers, yeah? What are your rebound clickers set at(How many turns out?)? Have you tried changing the oil height?

The single chamber KYB's are apparently quite a challenge. Your best bet is a complete revalve, but here's something that may help.

The clickers are basically an adjustable pressure bleed for the valves. But on the KYB SC's, the rebound clicker bleeds not only the rebound valve, but also the mid-valve (compression). If you have a problem with harshness over small stuff and the edges of potholes and stuff, you might try backing off on the rebound clickers by 2-3.

Run the oil level as low as you can get by with without having the fork fade from foaming, around 110-120mm has worked for me.

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