Racepants & jersey

I had the misfortune of being air-evacd from the desert a few weeks ago after a little crash. The bike is fine minus a broken brake lever but those scissor happy paramedics cut off my Thor pants and jersey. I need to get some new gear and wasn't totaly impressed with the Phase 2.0 gear that I had purchased anyways. Can anybody recomend any particular product or steer me clear of another? I will most probably be riding with a knee brace in the future as a result of the accident, will that be a factor in a given product choice? Thanks a bunch for any imput.

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I jumped from Fox to Shift. I think they are actually the same maker but I found the Shift pants to be much more comfortable than anything I have tried before. Wasn't as expensive as the other brands either.

I bought Oneal Hardware when I bought my bike. The fit and feel is marvelous :D Seriously the gear is very comfortable, wears like iron and holds it color great. I didn't need new gear but Brockton Cycle had pants and jersey (01 models) for $100. I went ahead and bought another set at that price :)


Just got 02 Axo top-o-the line. sent them back as the seams and stitches keep un-wraveling(sp?) got a pair of 02 Fox360" they are awesome! Anybody want to buy slightly used Axo's but, you have to wait till they come back from factory repair!


I use and like the Answer gear. Comfy. The lovely wife had to sew on some leather to the inside of the knees because my Asterisks were wearing through. It's not the pants as the braces wore through my buddies brand new Fox pants in two rides. Asterisk needs to work on that problem.


i use the thor AC2 gear here... blue and yellow... very sharp looking, vented, and fits great...

have some no fear stuff, but i like my thor gear better... phase 2 is cheep stuff.... don't base your opinion of thor on that... i mean, it's gear, but it's their cheaper line and you get what you pay for (compared to their other offerings)

my $.02 :)

I have a set of Fox 360 and Thor Core. I find that I wear the Thor much more often. So far so good.


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