Parts codes for YZ426seat

I have 200km on my 00 400F and I have come to the conclution that I will not be able to come to terms with the stock seat and tank combo. On tight technical hill aproaches were you have to sit down, I can not get forword enough to keep the front wheel down. My 83 CR480 has a better seat tank combo. Since the guys I ride with all have MX bikes fuel capacity is not an issue, so I have decided to buy the stock Yamaha 426 seat and tank. The 2000 yz tank is $316 CDN. My question is what parts do I need to order to get the entire seat. At first the dealer quoted just the cover ($80). I then reminded him that I need the entire seat, so he priced out the foam ($80). Is this all I need? Is this the best solution? The local dealers can not find any after market stuff for the 00.?

Thanks Rob.

I love this bike, it makes increadable power with the air box cover and exhuast baffel installed (You can not remove the baffel on the Canadian version, the pipe is welded up) and is as quiet as an XL125.

No, you need the base as well. The WR Base is completely different from that of the YZ. IF I am not mistaken there is a part # for the whole seat unit. Should be cheaper that buying each separate component. I have a fiche but no way to read it so I am of no help on the actual part #.


IMS sells an entire YZ seat. The seat cover and foam is manufactured by CEET. The foam is flatter than stock. I was told by IMS it is the Dougie Henry replica seat. IMS sells it for $125.00.

I bought one and it sits on my bike now w/ the stock YZ tank. The stock riding position is a disaster. I jumped off a CR250 Honda and found the WR's riding position unacceptible.

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