YZ tank available

A while back, I happened upon two YZ400 tanks for sale. I snagged them both up knowing someone could use my second YZ tank. I had promised Jason in the Northern Territory the tank and was planning on bringing it out when I visited Mitch in OZ (scheduled for April 19 departure). The trip fell through, TEMPORARILY, and I'd like to get rid of this tank. I know you wanted it Bill, but after I loaded some virus into my computer, I lost all e-mail, addresses, internet access, even my printer (&%$#@!??). After re-formatting, my PC is fat. Are you Bill, or anyone else in the lower 48 interested in this thing? I'll ship it anywhere in the U.S. $100 will cover everything. My loss is your gain.


99 WR, 84 Kaw 900 Ninja, '82 Honda CB750F clothes hanger, '84 Honda Z50 "Berm Destroyer". Always thinkin' "Hell, this worked on my 2 stroke!!"

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Is this a stock or aftermarket tank? How many gallons if aftermarket? What color is it? Good shape?

I am VERY interested!!

Mike Carpenter



This is the OEM YZ tank. Capacity I assume is ~2 gallons. There are no stickers on it. It looks like it had a day of riding w/ no stickers, i.e. the fine scratches on it that you see on your own tank.

The tank is as good as sold.

Bill you have first dibs, followed by Mike.

Hey Mike, I can get you one if you want it (a stock 99 YZ400 tank), my buddy has one he wants to sell. I think he said he would take $100. I would have to check. Of course it wouldnt have the mounting hardware (including petcock) beacuse all that stuff is on his new tank. If anyone is intrested let me know and I will get with him on it.


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