Airbox lid

Can anyone tell me wther removing the airbox lid makes the bike run leaner or richer?



'00 WR

it should not affect air/ fuel mixture. There may be some gain in power if the bike was running out of air due to any restriction caused by the airbox cover. However having seen the videos of the Wales ISDE are youo sure you want to do anything to the bike that would make it less waterproof?

I didn't notice any gain, but there was more induction noise which at first gave me the impression that there was more power, but the dyno say's otherwise. And really when you think about it, the size of the hole left once the snorkel is removed is pretty big, it's the same size as the intake duct on my 2.0lt turbo charged Subaru, and i am sure that it needs a damn site more air that a WR400 engine !

Also the factory team Yamaha riders in Australia don't remove it, and as Willy stated the ISDE riders certainly don't take it off.


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2000' WR400

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