baja Kit

Does anybody have a Baja Kit for sale or know of a dealer that has one in stock now?

I am being told by Baja at least 3 weeks.

Any help would be appreciated.

I have an almost complete bajadesigns kit. I bought it in 1998 and only used the rear brakelight switch. Are you sure you want the complete kit?

I have converted a 2 wr's to street legal in Michigan. My 98 and a 99. Cost was about $50.00 each.

Let me know if you want any more info.


Roy I,m open for suggestions. Also what would you want for the kit you have? I am in CA

Baja Designs sells the hydrolic brake switch separately for about $20, a mirror is less than $20, and there are lots of cheap options for a horn. Some states like Colorado don't require more than that, others want full DOT everything and the Baja Designs kit has it all.

If you can get away with it I wouldn't use the kit, but if you need a taillight that stays lit when the engine isn't running or turnsignals then you might just need the kit.

The wr has a high/low headlight bulb & a high/low taillight stock. Yamaha just doesn't wire them from the factory for U.S. bikes. With a brakelight switch, bicyle horn, mirror and a little wiring you can be completly legal in Michigan. I don't know about CA.

If you need or want the kit I would sell it, I don't know what it's worth. I didn't buy the turnsignals from BD & I used the brakelight switch but the rest of the kit is there. The kit is from spring of 98, I don't know if they have changed anything.

Maybe I could fax you the instructions from BD?

Let me know.

Roy my fax number is 909-780-8570. I allready have my bike licenced, but I didnt want to spend the money on a kit if they were not going to give me a plate. Now that I have the plate I figure I might as well do it right.


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Question: are most of you running full legal kits? Are their other companys that make a kits for the WR? Are you winging it by throwing blinkers and a licence plate holder on it? I know of a group of 8 XR guys that run the mountians all the the time and thats what they do. And when they are in town that just dont drive like an idiots. If they get pulled over they just pull the choke and tell mister officer there having carb problems. The worst thing just a fix it ticket. You guys need to come clean with what youre doing. I frankly do not have a problem with spending the money for the kit, but if there is a better option lets share it.

I will bring my BD instructions to work tomorrow & fax them.

My bike & others here in Michigan are completely legal. The procedure here is as follows.

Get orv title for bike(if you don't have one).

Get inspection paper work from secretary of state office.

Bike needs high/low beam headlight, horn, mirror, taillight/brakelight, license plate holder & light, dot tires.

Have any police officer check bike out & sign paperwork from s.o.s.

Take paperwork, receipt for bike(to show you paid sales tax), receipts for any parts you bought to make it legal, proof of insurance, & orv title to s.o.s. office.

Walk out with new title and licence plate in hand, you are completely legal!

I don't know if these procedures work in other states.


Thankx Roy for the fax. I havent had a chance to sort thru it yet. Let me know what you want for your kit. Im surprised that there wasnt more feedback or options from the fourm. I figured Bryan might have a killer conection to get a kit faster from Baja. (with all his free advertisment:P) Thank again

Sorry Bryan the razz smile didnt work

Gordon, I would take $200 for my kit plus shipping. Are you sure you still want it?

One reason I didn't install the kit was they wanted he to use a 35 watt headlight bulb. I thought that someday I might have the stator rewired then I would install the kit, well it's been two years. It doesn't look like I am ever going to install the kit. My headlight is bright enough at night for me.

I am going on vacation for a week, so I'll check back when I return.


One thing to note is states have different laws pertaining to what you need. I've been questioned a few times on a real dual sport, so be careful. I had to point out why my bike was legal. I added a strip of reflective tape to the rear (for the WR, probably on your helmet and or border of license plate, which the cops loved. I know a few street riding cops, it seems if you are tame, obey sound and traffic laws (shoot no wheelies or power slides :D ), have visual appearance of legality (lights, mirror, signals, plate), they won't bother you (this is in the city anyway). Know what laws your state requires,

If you invest in a horn, get a VERY LOUD one. It may save your life.

I think the Baja designs kit is complete, but really expensive. Also the battery is too small. If you have wiring skills, you can probably make one for 1/2 the cost or less (full street legal in probably (check this) all states. Then rewind your stator and have heated grips, loud horn, and bright headlights.

I wired my last bike to have a separate on/off button, then used the existing high/low switch for low only or high and low at the same time :) I also added a 12V recepticle for powered CB/radar/GPS/air comp/ toys.

I am considering going DS, but am hesitant-I want to remove weight not add it, and riding on the street burns rear tires too fast. I had a 250 dual sport, and liked the versatility. But frankly having dirt tires in a high upright riding position with a feather weight bike(relatively speaking to street bikes), anything above 50-60 with some wind was pretty uncomfortable. I am going to rewire the light for all off, low on, or both high and low on, and add heated grips (probably come fall). Without rewiding the stator, I wouldn't expect it to pull all the accessories mentioned at 100%, I just won't run heated grips while running both headlights. I know someone that ran a cooling fan as well, looks like one will fit between the devol's if any overheaters are out there.

Before I do this, anyone know if the stock headlamp assembly can handle both bulbs on at the same time?

If you invest in a horn, get a VERY LOUD one. It may save your life.

With all the years I've been riding on the street, nobody has ever responded to the horn on my bike. The sound means nothing to them unless they are looking right at you.

Yes you can run both the 55 and the 65 at the same time if you have 120+ watts to power it. I run the Baja Designs HID setup with the stock 85w stator just fine. It has a small battery pack and only consumes around 50 watts but puts out the equivalent of 250 halogen watts. We ride all summer long here in Phoenix and love our H.I.D. lights. Baja Designs will build up the complete system to adapt to the stock headlight assembly for less than $500 to your door. If you ride seriously at night and don't want to get hurt because you can't see the road or cactus :D ante up the cash and start doing dishes and changing those poop filled diapers :)

Hey Roy when you get back, give me a email address or way to contact you, I check with Baja to see if the kit will work properly on my 2000


Email me at

Did you read the instructions yet?


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