Tires for CO riding

Hey Colorado riders:

What front/back tires do you guys use or recommend for places like Rampart, Woodland, and Grand Junction?


I can tell you not to get the M78 if you will be ridding in any rocky conditions. I've put about 7 hours on mine in Arizona, and it's already lost big chunks of the knobs. The 99 WR Dunlop stock lasted much

longer than the M78 is so far. I'm going back to Dunlop... not sure which one yet.

Wow! That's what I was just going to recommend! Bridgstone M78's.

I use the M78 and they last longer than any tire I've used. Plus, they are cheap (48 bucks through Chaparell). I've never had them chunk off and I've roosted them on my WR in sand, on rocks (Moab, Radical Hill, Red Cone, Crested Butte) and everything in between. I love those tires! I started using them when I had a dirt worthy (but heavy) XR650L. I used to put Perelli MT21 DOT tires on that bike. But, I'd blow off chunks of rubber constantly. One time I rode up by Idaho Springs and blew most of the knobs off in one ride! Baja Designs told me about the M78's and said that even though they aren't DOT approved like the MT21's, they are better and last much longer and are real knobbies in the dirt. I tried one and agree with them. I couldn't even get chunks off those tires with that big ole 320 pound tank XR spinning up rocky nasty hills!

I burned through the stock WR tire in a couple of rides. I bought a second rear Dunlop and burned through it just as fast. My WR is a 1999 and I think it had Dunlop D739's?

By the way Scoot, I was up at Woodland Park yesterday. Still quite a bit of snow although it was certainly ridable. I rode on Hacketts Gulch and it was all dry (what a high speed jumping scream coming up that sucker). The single track was snowey enough to make it bit annoying. Icy too. Could be a couple of weeks yet before it peaks on the fun factor.

I had a new M77 (I think) on the front and it hooked up great in all that loose stuff. But, my rear is really worn and man was it slip sliding around. As you know, Rampart and Woodland Park is LOOSE LOOSE LOOSE! But I wanted to burn it off before this weekends Moab trip so I'm half way through putting a new M78 on the rear right now.



I'd have to second the M77/78 combination. Of course there isn't a tire on the planet that will last and perform perfectly. The WR has so much tourqe :)

What ever brand you go with be perpared to change them often. The WR will piss through them. Everytime I ask my mechanic what goodies I should add, he tells me to just change the tires.

Performance (So. Broadway) usually has a perty good read on what other guys are experiencing. Be perpared to pay a little extra, but they will change them for free while you wait.

Later in the summer, I like the Dunlop 755/6 front. It seams to do better in the sandy conditions. It won't last very long though. As soon as it loses the edges of the knobs, change it.

For racing, I've had good luck with the Int/Hard Trelleborgs (I think it's the TrailMaster?). They hook up great for the first 100-200 miles, then throw them away. This goes against afordability, but there's ego at risk :D


Thanks for the tire suggestions fellas!

Bryan - Did you get the last email I sent you about riding in GJ a few weekends ago? Man, what a blast!

I may hit Woodland this Sunday - I'll let you know how the conditions were. If it stays warm this week, things may continue to dry out...

Looking forward to hearing stories from your Moab trip and seeing posted pics!


I was at Woodland on Sunday. Still quite snowey but ridable. Hacketts gulch was dry and fun. Single track was a bit annoying and icey. Should be clear in a week or two.

Glad you enjoyed GJ.


Originally posted by Scott:

I may hit Woodland this Sunday

I'm sitting here, Saturday, watching it snow :) planning for next weekend. I was thinking about Woodland Park Friday afternoon. What do ya think? Doug is usually up for Fri after 12:00. I can probably also talk one or two of the other guys into it.

They say it's supposed to be 80 by Wed/Thurs, but no one knows. I just have to be optimistic.


DOOH! No can do for Friday or this weekend as it stands now..

I did go to Woodland (for the first time)yesterday. We pulled into town about 7:00am and there was snow everywhere. By the time we finally got back into the riding area, parked and got geared up, it was probably 8:30 or so.. Hit the first trail and found snow patches, but ridable. By lunch time all snow was gone and trails were dry. Good times had by all!

My bike is kicking my ass though.. (see my new post)

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