Gas coming out of overflow hose.

Okay, I did not let my 05 WR450 run for about a year. It has a whopping 600 miles on it. I know because it is street leagal and I put a odo from a xt on it.

When I turned the gas on the, fuel just started running out the overflow. In the past, I know this meant my floats were stuck down. These days, I do not know what my problem could be. I thought I could just turn my card a little, take off the float cover and see whats up. Nottttt. I cant even losen the phillip screw on the air box boot.

Does anybody know if my problem could be something else? Or maybe I could put some additive in my gas to maybe free up the stuck float. I hate to try to take this carb apart.

The price we pay for a high compression water cooled thumper. Oh yea, with a smog pump. Oh boy.

I'm glad I still have my 95 KX500. That bike has been flawless for 12 years, and I can work on it.

Thanks for any suggestions.


You just have some dirt in the needle valve. Drain the carb a couple of times with the allen screw drain and it should clear up. My 04 does this from time to time. If this does not fix it you may need a new needle valve or o-ring.

I really don't understand what you are getting at, Sigurd? Both of your bikes have carb's. Both can be worked on.

Thanks trailordune. I will give that a shot. I did take it down the street and it stopped doing it. An hour later it started again. I did try draining the bowl with the allen once. I will do it a couple more times.

What am I getting at? Its called time, and lots of it. I could do a complete carb cleaning on my two stroke blindfolded in less than one hour. The WR, well, I'm thinking four hours.

Its pretty lame to have to work on a bike with so little miles on it. Dont get me wrong. I love my WR to death. That little starter button is worth every penny I paid for that thing. I'm getting too old to be in the middle of a brutal 100 mile ride, being stuck on the side of a cliff to the point of almost puking in my helmet and having to kick start my bike. Its kinda the last thing you want to do. Ever do snowy trail in Gorman CA? If you have, you know what I'm getting at as well.

Thanks again,


OK, i have a 2004 WR450, and the carb comes off very quickly (and we both have steel frames). When i first got my bike, it had been parked for a year. It had a very little amount of dirt, but it was mostly gum or varnish that i had to clean. Also, my AP needed to be modded for max squirt.

Maybe if you do park it for an extended period, you should consider sta-bil or drain the system.

Hmmmm, yours would be a red sticker in CA. Mines green, so I have all of the smog stuff. You bet I'm going to be draining that thing. Or, maybe ride it more.



I would suggest you ride it more.

I always "turn-off" my bike by turning the petcock to off; at the end of each days ride, or after I wash it, before putting her away. This minimizes fuel in the carb. If you will store the bike for more than a month or two, use a fuel stabilizer, and drain the float bowl.


Its pretty lame to have to work on a bike with so little miles on it.

!?!?!?!?! I would say it isn't the bikes fault for having poor storage maintenance. It should only take a few extra minutes to service and clean the WR carb if you are doing the same on your KX in an hour. :thumbsup: WR Dave

Took it on a long ride today. Problem solved. I will drain the bowl for now on Dave.

thanks ehhhh

Nice Canadian slur, I'm hurt :thumbsup: , anyway I wouldn't drain the bowl. With the way fuel is made these days, just make sure you have some fuel stabilizer in the fuel. Most fuel that we use up here anyway will dry up and leave a flakey white residue that can clog the needles and jets, but you knew that from your KX carb , RIGHT!? :thumbsup: . Try to run the bike up to temp a few times while you store it and you shouldn't have these types of problems. Enjoy -- WR Dave.

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