These bars are sooo sweet!!


I just installed my new bars on my 650L !!!…DAMN! what a difference!

I went with the Renthal Desert Vintage High bend bars. I was nervous at first cause they are so much taller than the CR high…and what looked like an inch wider on either side! I'm 5-10, and they seem to be the perfect height.

But boy, I’m very pleased. Makes the bike feel soooo much better.

I can sit right up on the tank now and not feel pinched. Standing feels sweet!

Best part about them….I didn’t need to re-rout any control cables.

Super happy, just had to share!:thumbsup:

If your still running those stock POS bars, get rid of them.

They suck bad!

They must be simular to Tag CR double highs that I just ordered.

Here are yours ......... (why the "vintage" in title ? )

nice being able to stand huh!

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