yz pipe on a wr

has anyone put a stock yz muffler on there wr and did you need any extra brackets. also i remember someone putting screen down the pipe did it work and what type of screen. Thanks


I have a WR-YZ timed and I have been running with a YZ exhaust almost since the day I purchased my bike. A lot of my friends are expert and pro motocross racers and they have tried ALL the pipes out there. They all seem to like the stock YZ pipe the best (thru their expensive experimenting it sure has saved me a lot of $$$). It has the best mid-range power - you will need to purchase a longer top bolt and rubber bushing to mount it. Also, as far as putting a screen inside to make it "spark legal"....good luck - lot's of work! And the plaque that is welded to the inside of the pipe says "for race use only." You will need to replace that as well with one that states "USFS approved". That's an even bigger project, (unless you happen to own a welder and letter stamp set!) I tried the Big Gun exhaust system with spark arrester and gained top-end, but lost bottom-end. So I took that off and put on my YZ exhaust with a DMC tapered head pipe. What a rocket on the bottom-end now! If you know of any good bolt-on mufflers that are "spark legal" please let me know. (I've tried the E-series and didn't like it).

Let me know how it goes!

erik, who is dmc? after all the comments about aftermarket exhaust systems, it seems the stock yz silencer is very good. my thoughts also were to purchase a head pipe, one for filter clearance, two for more possible low end.

DMC is "Dave Miller Concepts". They are located in Anaheim, CA (949)777-4084. I also have one of their head pipes. I don't have much to compare it with, I went from the stock Canadian boat anchor pipe to the DMC head pipe/YZ silencer combo. It was a big improvement, but I can't say how much is due to the head pipe.

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