XR600R Oil Pass Pipe and Cam Chain Tensioner O-Ring

Hi Everyone, I hope all is well. Questions about maintaining a 1990 XR600R. Two things this time, firstly, do the Holes in the Pipe Bolts (the perforated ones which have a hole near the nut and a hollow core to allow oil to flow) from the Oil Pass Pipe have to be aligned with the ports inside the square ends of the Oil Pass Pipe to work correctly? The Honda manual says nothing about this.

Secondly, I suspect oil is leaking from the Cam Chain Tensioner - perhaps the O-Ring is worn or missing - is it possible and/or safe to remove the Cam Chain Tensioner and replace the O-Ring without removing the cam cover, and the rest? Is it possible to just back it off then pull it out and replace the O-Ring?

Any help would be great!



Pipe bolts don't need to line up. Just torque it to spec. The oil will flow to the head. To be certain loosen the oil bolt by the cylinder head and crank it several times until you see the oil flowing from the oil pipe. The cam tensioner cannot be removed withoutt aking the cylinder head cover since it is secured by aeither a bolt or a pin.

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