Don't let this happen to you, too.

I pulled my cylinder off 2 weeks ago. I re-assembled up to the point of getting the cam chain back on. It wasn't long enough and I was totally dumbfounded. I figured it out this morning, FINALLY!! When I put the cylinder back on, I dropped the forward cam chain guide back in. Unbeknownst to me, a loop had formed below the lower sprocket. When I rotated the engine through, everything worked fine. Because of the close tolerance between the cam chain guides and the cam chain, the loop in the bottom stayed there. It was not visible in any way from above. I had to pull the cylinder off, pull out the forward guide, pull the chain taut from the after (trailing) side of the lower sprocket and rotate the engine clockwise. The loop pulled through and "VOILA", french fries, french dressing and all those other french words, everything is as it should be. I popped the forward guide back in. Even if the chain falls into the engine, the guides keep the chain on the lower sprocket. All you have to do is fish it out.

I didn't know that part.


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Oh are you gonna hate me. I was going to suggest thats what might be going on but since I haven't had anything on my WR apart yet I thought I'd keep my big yap shut. Oh well, I'd of only saved you a few days frustration. :)

Look at it this way... I doubt anyone else here that has been following your thread will ever let it happen to them as a result!

Once I scrutinized how close the tolerance was between the gear and the guides, I immediately suspected this to be the case. I, oh my god I can't believe I am saying this, actually considered bringing it to the bike shop bozo's. These are the same guys that tried to sell my friends a totally thrashed RM125 Suzuki. They were buying it for their kid. When I showed up, the salesman, my friends told me later, shifted from the offensive to the defensive. They did not buy the RM. These bike shop bozo's are total a-holes!

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