Stock US Stock Pipe Wanted - San Jose, San Fran Area

Just broke in my Canadian '00 WR yesterday (love it!) and would like to ditch the boat anchor exhaust. I'll eventually do some performance mods but don't want to spend much money just yet or mess with jetting too much. Since my riding ranges from everywhere from motocross to light trail, to 10% road, I'm thinking that the US pipe would be great as the baffle can be removed and re-installed. I live in Ottawa, Canada and travel frequently to San Jose, Ca, and sometimes to Petaluma, Ca. With all aftermarket pipes being installed, it would be great if someone in the SJ/SF area had a stock pipe they wanted to part with for a reasonable price.

I have a 99WR 49-state pipe and silencer. I used it a couple of times, got tired of taking it off to change the oil filter. So I bought the White Bros header and silencer. It is un-cut and in great shape.

Not sure if I want to get rid of it, but I could buy more stuff for the bike with the cash. What do you consider a fair price to be? I can ship it to you fairly reasonably. I can also ship it to Lodi, CA. It's about 2 hours east of SF towards Sacramento. Our company has a plant there.



86TT225, 98CR80, 99WR, WR timing, throttle stop trimmed, air box lid removed, White Bros head pipe, silencer and air filter. Odometer and headlight removed. Moose hand and mud guards.

Yeah, I suppose the shipping might not be too bad. Let me price some aftermarket equipment, think about it a little bit more and get back to you.



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