Nice Pipe Alternative

I couldn't find jets ANY place locally and saw that one of you guys mentioned BajaDesigns keeps them in stock. While I was on the phone with them they mentioned a new exhaust baffle insert they are selling for the WR. For me, running without is just to loud. I figured I'd give it a try. It's GREAT! (for the money) approx $75. It has a series of 3-4 (?) different leangth tubes that run straight through a down turned end. It certainly opened up the flow and also keeps the volume in check. A great alternative for us cheap skates :)

I have this Baja Designs insert. It is SUPER quiet but takes away lots of low end torque. It allows nice upper revs though. Every time I ride with it, I can't stand that fact that my throttle wheelie potential is gone so I end up taking it off for the remainder of my ride.

Finally, since I decided I don't like the power loss from this insert, I chopped off the three pipes just leaving a straight through design with a down turned tip. This actually has a nice sound and is still quieter than stock although quite a bit louder than with the baffled insert.

I'm anxiously awaiting the new FMF power core IV2SA.


The new FMF silencer is due out today 4/17. I've been working with their web master on a Cold Fusion problem he has. I guess they started shipping a couple weeks ago (?).


The jurry is still out on whether it is really a step forward or just great marketing. I'll tell you what, if the rangers are going to start dB testing bikes everywhere we ride, that marketing is going to wear thin real quick!

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