Sell My DRZ, Buy AN XL ?

Hey Guys,

I have 2006 DRZ 400 with 238 miles on it - the low mileage is probably due to my original yearning for an XL650. My buddy talked me into the DRZ due to my intent to ride trails and perhaps a couple of enduros and hare scrambles and now I am wondering if I should pursue my original dream of an XL. I know the XR is superior off-road but I am not interested in doing a Baja Designs to make it road worthy.

Any experiences regarding the XL's performance off road would be greatly appreciated.


Best thing I can tell you is read lots of posts on this board and you'll get a feel for the pro's and con's. My XRL is one of my favorite bikes and I've owned about 22 of them. Off road you will be mainly limited by the compromised dual sport tires - especially the front one.

I have a 650L and have plenty of seat time on the DRZ's S and E. If you are riding more dirt and trails then stick with the DRZ. The XR650L performs better on the road by means of feeling more stable. Both feel about the same off road but the DRZ does feel lighter. I would stick with the DRZ since you already have it. If you plan on long weekend trips then maybe go with the 650.

There are several threads about the XR650L vs. the DRZ400. Look them up.

I had an XR650L, but sold it for a DRZ400S. The DRZ is MUCH better on dirt - lighter, geared better, far better suspension. The XR650L is a MUCH better long-distance tourer. I rode several 400+ mile days and the next day felt like I didn't even ride, while the DRZ is torture after 200 miles.

Both bikes are good, they are just different.



I have a 07 L.

I'm a big fella at 6'2" and 260...the weight of the bike doesn't seem to bother me...but I could see it as a pain for a smaller rider.

I ride in the woods and cinders mostly and it handles fair at best. I'm looking forward to puttin' better tires on to see if that helps. Best thing is the poopy's amazing.

Suspension is plush and VERY wiggily in the soft soft. I don't really care for that...But on the hard's great.

On the roads/highway it's about the same...fair but not great. Bike is NOT comfortable above 70mph.

Overall the L is GOOD at both off/on road...just not great at either.

I have the XR650L over the DRZ400 mainly because I ride on the road to get to where I go off road...the DRZ vibrated just a little too much on road. Of road the DRZ is lighter and thus easier to handle, but the XRL is no slouch...just a little heavy.

keep the dr unless you ride more than 30 miles to the trails each way and/or you ride alot of fast open stuff. the honda feels more stable doing 80 down a dirt road,and the dr is better almost everywhere else. i know ive owned both bikes. what type of riding do you do?


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