Product Review - UFO Enduro Rear Fender

During my scoot’s transformation into a quazzi street legal machine, Baja Designs recommended a entire new rear fender. They are suggesting the new UFO Endro Rear fender $37.95 available in Blue, White, Navy, Black & Purple.

This unit is priced just a small amount above the traditional license plate holder that mush be bolted on the stocker and has been known to get torn off. (KerryT) It is priced right inline with the Acerbis plastic unit – also a bolt on – but Baja inferred higher quality.

This setup includes a DOT taillight tucked under the main rear fender with a small, lighted license plate holder underneath – not unlike what you see on many stock bikes – KTM, Suzuki & others.

The wiring is all included for the real brake light and license plate. There adequate instructions, but I do have a couple of objections: The wire routing isn’t good. They did not provide the nice wire path Yamaha did stock. I drilled an appropriate hole and used the stock rubber fitting, but still there isn’t much protection for the wire on the bottom side of the fender. I guess I will have to check it frequently. And, why did they use different color wires than stock?

The fender bolted on exactly like the stocker. All predrilled holes were spot-on. There wasn’t near as much bending and pushing needed as with most aftermarket plastic. Total install time less than a half an hour including wiring and modifications above.

Performance concern: The entire unit doesn’t seem as strong as the stock rear. Of course there is more weight hanging off the back, but I think I would have preferred a stiffer section/beam down the middle. As for the term “Enduro,” that came from the marketing department not Mike Lafferty.

The unit looks really sharp! I went with a white model with a black license plate holder. Dougie and I did some heavy mudding on its first ride. His back, helmet and seat were covered. I came out fairly clean even though I certainly was deeper in it. There had to be an extra 10# of cement-hard mud hanging under the rear wheel and the UFO held strong.

Overall rating: 8 out of 10. Priced right, Quality production, Quality light lens, but possibly a little light on durability. I’ll update this thread later in the summer on my experiences.


Any chance for a pic?

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