E Series Quiet Core

Put the quiet core in the wr this weekend for are DB levels in Nor Cal. Hoping the ranging would be their to test, but he did not show on Saturday. At any rate, I spoke with the worker bees out their and they said it was the quietest E Series they have ever heard and felt it would pass. Thats the good news. The bad news. POWER LOSS. I really noticed the diffence. My bike in 3rd would just rip, now it rolls. In some areas on the track I used 4th to get the speed. Power was adequate but not what I am used to. For trails the quiet core will be fine, but for MXing no way, to much of lost snap. Don't know if any adjustments would help. Any ideas. I run all my timing, jetting etc, stock. I am not a mechanical god like some of you, so helpful hints would be great. Maybe I just buy the new stuff when it comes out. We are all made of money right? Just a note. Rode for a while with John from Granite Bay. The guy can ride. Blew me away, not that I am that great, but he is a very good rider. It was a pleasure to watch, ride and learn. I look forward to more rides with John in the future, although he will be looking back for me as I eat his dust.


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