just installed Thumper rad guards


There's been a some discussion if the Thumper radiator guards fit the 2000' model wr. I just installed them on my 00', and they fit fine. Some comments:

-you have to put the included little plastic spacers between the guard and the radiator. This is because the guard is for the YZ originally.

-the included bolts are too short when used with the spacer, they fit the yz only. You'll have to buy longer 6mm bolts, I used 6*35mm with standard hex head.

-after the guard is in place, the radiator shroud lower mounting bolt is too short. (the guard is in the way). I used the now spare original radiator mounting bolt. It's a bit long but does the job.

Interestingly when I ordered the guards from Baja, the salesman insisted they don't carry them, and tried to sell me the small Works Connections guards. Thanks to this list I knew better and he finally went to ask someone else and had to admit they do have them!


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